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The Take Home Message

The Take Home Message |


The Take Home Message 


There is only 1 repair system, consisting of 2 elements, with which you repair every wound in the body:

1. Signal substances (from your platelets = PRP) that can 'instruct' neighbouring 'repair cells'.

The core02 |


2. repair cells in the blood vessel connective tissue network doing the actual work: 'repair'.

These repair cells and their 'matrix' are everywhere directly under the skin in between the fat cells and are also known as Stroma or more scientifically 'Stromal Vascular Fraction (SVF)'.

The technique we invented to get Stroma out of lipoaspirate is without the use of any chemicals or enzymes making our technique unique and very safe. Millions of repair cells become available for injection within 45 minutes!

More technical details

More technical details |


  • 15cc of blood is drawn to make PRP
  • Local anesthetic, 2 puncture holes of 1mm to remove some cells from under the skin, no stitches
  • The invention is unique because we can make SVF within 45 minutes, sterile in the OR
  • No chemicals, enzymes or laboratory work 
  • Mechanically fat cells are made fragile and removed, using centrifugation, keeping SVF intact

Instead of stem cell treatments costing over € 20,000 you now can get a better effect for only 10% of the price!


Please notice, currently, this treatment is not being reimbursed by your insurance company.

This can take another 5 to 10 years, despite all the promising results that we can already show.
Until then, PRS is only available by paying for it yourself.

At the same time, it is very encouraging that not only patients but also doctors are very satisfied with PRS and also have been choosing for PRS for their own personal treatment. 

Effect of SVF only

Effect of SVF only |




  • This damage from a TCA peel, which left long-lasting redness in the center of the cheek, had not improved on standard cream treatment for more than 8 months
TCA skin damage SVF after 12 weeks |



  • Within 12 weeks after 1 treatment PRS, the skin was almost normal in color and texture.
  • The repair had taken place on all layers of damaged skin, deep and superficial.

Examples of the strength of PRS

Examples of the strength of PRS |


  • Irradiated skin after breast malignancy
  • Exhausted all regular hospital treatment 
  • A disturbing large scar in the middle of the cleavage 


  • People said there would be no more treatment options?
PRS irradiated skin after 4 sessions |


  • For small scars, 1 session of PRS may be sufficient
  • Deeply irradiated skin will require several sessions of PRS
  • Every round of PRS seems to give about 20 to 25% improvement
  • Tissue damage will repair in all layers, superficial and deep.

Unwanted hair loss

Unwanted hair loss |



  • Highly advanced photography and hair counting shows a spectacular result of PRS on unwanted baldness
  • 17 to 25% more hair density within 6 to12 weeks after 1 treatment with PRS (tested on 10 men)
Unwanted hair loss03 |



The effect after 1 treatment of PRS 1 year later:

  • no additional hormone treatments
  • multiple patients' hairdressers have stated: "I do not know what you have done, but I do know that you have more hair!"

Knee pain

Knee pain |



  • This former professional football player with a totally worn out knee received 1 injection of PRS
  • Depending on the amount of tissue damage, one or more treatments might be necessary
Knee pain02 |


These experiences and more seem to indicate that PRS achieves the maximum repair effect after +/- 12 weeks.

  • pain reduced rapidly directly after treatment

  • new overload shows some return of pain

If you are satisfied, follow-up treatment is not necessary. If your damage requires more then 1 repair session, you might consider a 2nd or 3rd session of PRS for more recovery.

Is it possible to go back in time?

Is it possible to go back in time? |


  • At 61 years, after 1 procedure, you can look the same as you did at 43. 

  • It is possible by combining the 1.2.3.Dimensional concept and PRS (

  • Results that were previously not possible are now available!