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Doctor Jeroen Stevens specializes in cosmetic plastic surgery of the face, breasts and abdomen. In addition, in recent years he has been intensively involved in what he calls Biological Surgery: by using body's own fat cells (lipofilling), abrasion repair cells and PRP, to acheive unique results that were previously unthinkable.

His research into what "well-being" exactly is has yielded new insights.

This makes "the real cause" behind your wish clear. Then it also automatically appears what the best approach is to feel pain-free, fit and good and to look beautiful again.

The scientifically based techniques provide a new vision of lifestyle. The innovative treatment methods ensure that you can look fit and vital again with an unoperated appearance. Cosmetic, biological plastic surgery brings together the best of the latest treatment methods. This allows us to tailor the combination of lifting, volume and contour improvement. If desired, skin quality improvement can also be provided with lipofilling and PRP from the inside out combined with a TCA peel from the outside in. The results are impressive and much better than before!

In addition, we have also developed a scar-free umbilical technique for tummy tuck and we can guarantee the most beautiful, most credible dynamics for breast surgery (after enlargement or lift).

Curriculum Vitae

During his training as a doctor at Erasmus University and the Academic Hospital Dijkzigt in Rotterdam, Jeroen Stevens completed a thesis on May 22, 1991. There he was also trained as a plastic surgeon. Jeroen Stevens subsequently worked as a staff member at the Department of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery of the University Hospital in Rotterdam and the Sint Franciscus Gasthuis in Rotterdam. During several internships and visits abroad at very renowned clinics and some of the best-known plastic surgeons in the world, including the USA, France, England and Mexico, extensive experience was gained in reconstructive and especially aesthetic plastic surgery.

Since 2000, as one of the few plastic surgeons in the Netherlands, full-time focused on cosmetic plastic surgery only, both clinically and scientifically.
He is a member of the Dutch Association of Plastic Surgery (NVPC) and was a member of the professional interest committee for many years. He was a member of the board of the Dutch Association for Aesthetic Surgery (NVEPC, the Dutch ISAPS) for 10 years. He is also the first Dutchman to have a full registration as a cosmetic plastic surgeon on the Cote d'Azur in France.

He is co-founder of the DAFPRS (Dutch Association for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, and has trained more than 55 plastic surgeons from more than 24 different countries in the techniques below in the past 10 years.

He is currently also a member of the European Association of Cosmetic Plastic Surgeons (EASAPS) on the Committee on Education and Science.

He developed new surgical techniques, new instruments (including the ACA-kit in collaboration with Arthrex) and new insight into the approach to the aging face. A scientific basis has always been laid under the innovations by working as a team leader with research fellows, fellow specialists and scientists from the University of Rotterdam, Groningen and Utrecht. More than 40 scientific publications have been published to date. He published an eBook in the iTunes Book Store (Organic Surgery) for fellow professionals. Recently, he was the first cosmetic peripheral plastic surgeon to co-supervise a doctoral candidate to successfully defend a thesis. At the moment there are still 3 PhD students working on his research team on the latest insights in the field of Biological Surgery (including what we previously called 'stem cells').

He has delivered more than 75 scientific international lectures on his own research work and the following topics:

  • endoscopic forehead lift (with a special technique to anchor the result to the bone for a very long-lasting result)
  • en-bloc MACS lift (2/3 of a neck face lift through only half of the incision)
  • lipofilling (displacing contour and volume and building with body's own fat)
  • midface lifting with SOOF lift (the extensive lower eyelid correction)
  • fat-retaining upper eyelid corrections (instead of classic eyelid corrections where fat resection often leaves holes with empty eyes)
  • neck face-lifting en-bloc with explicit vertical vector (en-bloc which makes you presentable within 2 weeks instead of 12 weeks)
  • abdominal wall corrections with an invisible navel scar (hidden on the bottom of the new navel instead of a visible round scar in the middle of the abdomen)
  • breast lift with the mini anchor scar (and thus a very short incision in the breast fold)
  • the APTOS or Silhouette lift (barbed traction wires make long incisions unnecessary and provide facelifting with only a 1cm incision of the eyebrow)

Most recently, Dr. Jeroen Stevens and his team are working on:

  • the 2.3.DIMENSIONAL CONCEPT for a cause-based treatment of the aging face (1D = vertical lift; 2D = skin quality improvement by lipofilling with PRP and a TCA peel; 3D: volume and contour repair with lipofilling)
  • ORGANIC SURGERY: the use of the body's own (fat) cells to restore volume and contour in addition to repair of damage and treatment of pain by using the 'abrasion repair cells' in combination with the signal substances from platelets (PRP = Platelet Rich Plasma , also called the Vampire Facial)
  • in this context he introduced a completely new treatment method: Platelet Rich Stroma (PRS = the trinity of repair) and gives lectures and courses about this all over the world.

Also curious whether PRS will replace the knife in the future in the fight against wear of joints, among other things? Then follow his developments on facebook ( and Instagram (doctor jeroen stevens) for the latest news!


Publications |

This list contains the scientific publications that Dr. Jeroen Stevens has published over the years.

In green are the articles that are all in the context of what he calls Biosurgery: everything that concerns living cells of yourself and the signaling substances that 'swim' in between and tell those cells what to do. This combination makes your immune system or repair system with the matrix (the connective tissue blood vessel network).
It is not surprising that they are very similar, each with their own function.

Your own repair system in particular appears to be able to 'repair' everything ranging from damage to soft tissues, such as skin, fat and connective tissue, but also nerve tissue, hair follicles, even cartilage and bone. Being able to put the 3 elements signal + repair cell + matrix in a syringe within 45 minutes and inject it where you need repair, that is the latest invention of Dr. Jeroen Stevens and his team: PRS, Platelet Rich Stroma.

The various published peer-reviewed articles are listed below. Ongoing research with at least 2 doctoral candidates will yield several more publications. There is no doubt that this new field of 'Regenerative Medicine' or 'Regenerative Medicine' or 'Biosurgery' is in the spotlight!

Preferred Instruments

Preferred Instruments |

The preferred instruments to be used for Organic Surgery are manufactured by DEXERmedical, The Netherlands.

Kits are carefully designed and manufactured for specific use by trained medical specialists only.

Dr Stevens is a senior consultant for DEXERmedical helping in this process.

The Kit for Small Volume Lipofilling (K-SXF) is specially developed for lipofilling of the face (or other target zones, relatively small).

It allows for intentional 2Dimensional and 3Dimensional lipofilling.


For more information mail:


Infiltration Cannula

Infiltration Cannula |

The infiltration cannula holds 20 holes of 1.0 mm diameter drilled evenly into 4 spiral rows. This unique allows for optimising the spread of tumescent solution at each harvesting site. The infiltration cannula is 2 cm longer than the harvesting cannula to ensure adequate pain relief during harvesting, in case your patient is treated under local aesthetics only.

Harvester Smooth

Harvester Smooth |

Harvesting the highest quality fat particles a-traumatically yet efficiently is a hallmark of this unmatched cannula. The small 1.5 mm diameter holes, 20 in total, spirally distributed, have sharp edges on the inside to cut off adipose tissue without damaging the local sensory nerves in the donor site. This leaves the outside of this cannula smooth making it the working horse for regular pain-free lipoharvesting.

Harvester Sharp

Harvester Sharp |

Harvesting efficiently and very quickly, even in dense tissue or previously used donor sites is easy with this cannula. The small sharp edges on each 1.5 mm diameter hole enables cutting off adipose tissue in both forward and backward movements, harvesting the vascular fraction, holding the ASCs with regenerative capacity, better than any other cannula.

Curved Injector

Curved Injector |

The curved injector cannula with a blunt tip & slightly oval hole is the absolute preferred cannula for lipofilling of the face, as everything in the face is curved! The unique tool allows for controlled 3D expansion by intended deep lipofilling when keeping the tip pointed downward. Intended superficial or 2D lipofilling to support the skin is done by keeping the tip upward.

Straight Injector

Straight Injector |

The straight injector cannula with a blunt tip has especially been designed to guarantee maximum tip control in delicate areas like the lower eyelids or in the lip. Also, this cannula offers easy access to filling the pre-jowling area. At the same time, the risk for intravascular injection is minimized by having made this cannula not too small in diameter.


V-Dissector |

This unique, solid V-dissector is designed to perform pre-treatment of the nasolabial fold by 3D-meshing (well after epinephrine has done its work). Only now the 3D expansion of the target site and improved taking of the graft, injected by either the curved or straight injector can be ensured, like never before.

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